About CSA

The Career School Association (CSA) was created by people who value customer service and know the importance of effective sales, customer relationship, document management and growth.

Licensed schools must meet state-mandated criteria for curriculum, facilities, teacher licensure, and financial accountability. CSA's proprietary online software gives you the tools to meet those criteria in an easy-to-use virtual filing cabinet.

CSA also help school stay up-to-date with news, events, and information relating to career schools. We are the source of everything you need to run your career school efficiently and in compliance with all State Education Department regulations.

CSA is a nationwide organization. It has chaptersí president in all State. It represents the combined strength of all of the members of career colleges and schools. Members' voices and interests are heard at all levels of government.

CSA membership is based on one single payment per year.

For information about how to join CSA, please fill out the "become a member" form and one of the director will call you back.

As a member of CSA, your school benefits in many ways:

Event Promotion, press release, Workshops and Conferences
∑ All members are able to promote all their event and add press release to our site.
∑ Workshops are held for skill development.
∑ Yearly conference for all career colleges and schools

∑ Monthly newsletter Update on activities and information about career colleges and schools.
∑ Monthly newsletter promoting all members events and press release.
∑ Industry trends and news form experts

∑ Help with pre assessment before license renewal
∑ Online document management through our online Central Management Tool (CMS) tool.
∑ Opportunities to network with other career colleges and schools
∑ Regional and common interest meetings for CSA members

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